Saturday, 26 September 2009

You're Scaring the straights

Watching Ghostbusters 2, enjoying the superb measures.

Where were we last night? Oh yeah, downtown Eastside, in Manhattan's
Bong & Tattoo hotspot, St Marks Place. Saw our first Penny Farthing
scooter and you! Yeah you, the guy who said you where dressed as a
bong, you look like a Mr Staypuft stool.

We eat at a buzzing dark place called Orlin's then we weave our way
back to Bleeker St. Sue haggles for a red wig while I do my bit for
the homeless by killing them off with cigarettes.

Get a text from Chris Harvey, letting me know he's off to see the
Ghostbusters 2 screening in Canterbury. Well wad yer knaw! They are
showing it in Kennys. Hoist up a stool me hearties, enjoy a drink with
more than able measures poured by Irish Shane.

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