Sunday, 20 September 2009

Freakin Sweet

It's been a full first day.
Starting breakfast at the Brooklyn Diner. The names of people who have
eaten there are on brass plaques in each booth. Ours had Spike Lee &
Justin Timberlake on it.
We purchased our 7 day metro cards ($27 each) and headed out to Coney
Island with the help of the obligatory train looney who warbled in
Romanian from one stop to another.
We arrived at a sunny Coney Island and watched "Shoot The Freak". This
involves using a paintball gun on some poor student.
After a ride on the slightly dissapointing "Spook-A-Rama" we headed
over to the superb "Freak Side Show" featuring sword swallowers,
escape artists, man with scorpian hands & feet, Serpentina (girl with
snake) & a man who hammered nails into his face. Great for all the
We then headed home to Manhattan and spent some time in Little Italy
for San Gennaro celibrations. I ate a deep fried Twinkie.
We are now in a bar enjoying happy hour.

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