Sunday, 27 September 2009

New York City What A Town

Woke up & took a walk in Central Park, lots of no-fun running in the
rain, I'm getting dizzy, time to go home and pack the trunks. It's our
final day here in the Big Apple & we intend to not waste a second.
Brunch at the Brooklyn diner, our final booth is Britney Spears, Henry
Winkler & some guy called Silkk the Shocker, I guess he doesn't tip
We make our way down Fith Ave. it's still raining & that means the
universal menace of umbrellas. If I walked down the street with 8
metal spikes on a handle I'd be arrested for carrying an offensive
weapon but put some waterproof material on it & hey presto! Assholes.
We fit in some Ghostbuster locations, retail opportunities & more
eating & round it all off with a romantic carridge ride Central Park.
Then it's home to tip the guys one last time and head off in our
yellow cab to JFK.

I hate this bit, truly. It breaks my heart to leave.
More pics & stuff in the next few days, till then, who yer gonna call?

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