Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Are you, Alice, Menstruating At The Moment?

This morning I ventured out for a brief walk and found the School of
Ethical Culture. This weeks talk is on Vampirism & 3 steps to avoid
it. This is the sort of school I should have sent my son too!
In Central Park I spot twins running, both guys dressed the same, same
haircut & same iPods. I thought it would be rude to ask if they were
listening to the same songs.
The plan for this holiday was to do something new everyday.
Today's new experience is at The Roosevelt Hospital Emergency
Department so Sue can have her stiches out. They call them sutchies
here; for all of us who don't watch American medical dramas.
The patient to staff ratio is completly different to home, no long
queues of injured waiting for half a nurse to sort them out. Here
there are virtually no patients and staff galore. All of whom seem to
have but one job, to ask you what your name is. We have been here
nearly two hours and Sue still has her stiches in, but eveyone knows
her name.

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