Monday, 3 November 2008

journey's end

We've returned, it's raining, the food is crap and we're crawling on the M25. Why on earth did we come back??? Paul Moss (sent by mobile

Sunday, 2 November 2008

whadya want

We have arrived at Newark airport, let the madness of checking in commence! Paul Moss (sent by mobile

the last hurrah

To blow away last nights drinking session, We took a walk up 5th to watch the ice skating at the Rockerfella and then a stroll down to Time Square via Maxie's. Paul Moss (sent by mobile

party harty marty

Our last night in Manhattan and we went out in style. Ended up at the infamous Mullberry St bar. Drank loads, made new friends, Sue got chatting to the guy that sat in front her on the plane journey here and told him he was wanker for having his seat down for the whole flight. I took the stage to sing Ghostbusters. We really needed the extra hour we have here as the clocks went back. Paul Moss (sent by mobile

Saturday, 1 November 2008

i'm an eye witness

Been for a Malaysian meal, now drinking in Mulberry St. Bar. Paul Moss (sent by mobile


The Ghostbuster's Hq and the Bubble lounge. Suzie is having a french 75 & I'm having an Absinthe cocktail. The evening has begun! Paul Moss (sent by mobile

Punky takes manhattan

Pictured here by the Empire State and the Museum Of Sex. Paul Moss (sent by mobile

up the Hudson

We've just been on a cruise from pier 17 around the Statue of Liberty and under the Brooklyn Bridge. Really warm today. Paul Moss (sent by mobile

Punky goes out for the day

Another sunny warm day in New York City. Punky is with us today to see the sights. Paul Moss (sent by mobile