Friday, 31 October 2008

halloween parade

Wow, the parade lasted 3 hours. We are completely blown away by the size of it. We've had to go and have a meal, wine and head for a bar to get over it all! Paul Moss (sent by mobile

halloween nyc

I've just been served by B. A. Baracus! Paul Moss (sent by mobile

the Hotel Gershwin

A few pictures from our hotel foyer, including a can of soup signed by Andy Warhol. We are just off to the Halloween Parade on 5th. It's gonna be a scream..... Paul Moss (sent by mobile


Been shopping and drinking in Macy's (they have a bar). Loads of people working in Halloween costumes. Found some new friends from Atlanta. Another ordinary day here. Paul Moss (sent by mobile


It's Halloween week here. I doubt it will be any more scary than the blood splattered cop car we saw on Staten Island yesterday. Paul Moss (sent by mobile

just the facts maam

Not 100% sure what went on last night. I know we went to the Jeckle & Hyde bar, after a half pint of Jim Beam things got a little fuzzy. Kenney's bar on Bleeker street where showing some bizarre art film about wormholes and a boy on the beach. We then watched some Karaoke in Wicked Wille's that also featured some game involving ping pong balls and beer. Some how, some way we made it back to the hotel. Paul Moss (sent by mobile

Thursday, 30 October 2008

back in Manhattan

We back in a bar! Please note the pint glass in front of the cocktail, this is a proper serving of whiskey and coke, not that pathetic 8th of a gill nonsense we have to endure in the UK and for half the price of a so called "double". Here endeth the lesson...... Paul Moss (sent by mobile

done it

Our last borough Queens. In the background is Shea Stadium, home to the Mets and also music venue for The Beatles and The Who. Paul Moss (sent by mobile

Yankie doodle dandies

We have made it to the Bronx and are having a bit of a look round the old and new Yankie stadiums. Paul Moss (sent by mobile

5 borough challenge

A sunny day here in NYC. We've decided to try and visit all 5 boroughs inside 24 hours. Last night we went to Brooklyn, this morning we took the ferry and are now in Staten Island, it's like Silent Hill on a sunny day. Paul Moss (sent by mobile

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

How High

After the bus tour and a drink in a bar we went up The Empire State for a view of Manhattan by night. Great view but very chilly. It's been around zero here today but should be warmer tomorrow. Heading for another warm bar! Paul Moss (sent by mobile

bright lights on Manhattan

Had a walk around Time Square and did the night bus tour downtown and over to Brooklyn for some superb night views of Manhattan. Paul Moss (sent by mobile

what hump

Just seen Young Frankenstein The Musical on Broadway. Superb! Paul Moss (sent by mobile

did I tell you to stop cutting

Seems they've found the river of slime running past our hotel. We left them to it and went for breakfast then off to do some shopping. Icy winds here, I'm doing two shirts, jumper and two coats to keep out the cold, oh and of course my trusty hat. Paul Moss (sent by mobile

woo hoo

Last night was a combo of bars, Korean restaurant and a haunted house called blood manor. I have the facts ok, just fuzzy on the details. It's still cold out there today. Brrrr Paul Moss (sent by mobile

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

coffee and sex

We've found a brilliant place for breakfast, The Coffee Bar on Madison Ave, just round the corner from our hotel. Then we visited the museum of sex which is next to our hotel, lots to see and do there and best of all we've sorted everyones christmas present in the gift shop. We had lunch in Dunkin Doughnuts and then spent some quality time in Dempsey's Bar. The rain has gone but it has turned cold, better have another JD keep warm! Paul Moss (sent by mobile

downpour on 23rd

Paul Moss (sent by mobile

East Side Story

Yesterday we spent some time exploring the east side. We found the Rock Church (pictured) and had a look around Bloomingdales, which we have renamed bloomin expensive. Our cab rides have been quite interesting here, speed signs are not so much limits, more challenges to be overcome. The ride back to our hotel was a new level of entertainment, last time I travelled that fast down 5th Ave, I was playing True Crime on the PS2. We went out to Little Italy for a meal and chose a restaurant that had half price Martini's. We then saw a band at The Bitter End in Bleeker St. They were somewhere between Spinal Tap and Death Awaits Us. This morning the english weather has caught up with us, rain and thunder with some sleet heading in from New Jersey. Paul Moss (sent by mobile

Monday, 27 October 2008

central park

baby steps to Madison Park

We've been out for breakfast and been checking out the neighbourhood. We are in the Flatiron District, hence the picture of us by the Flatiron building. Paul Moss (sent by mobile

Sunday, 26 October 2008

We are ready to believe you

We are settling in to the big Apple. We've been to Banjo Jim's to see Laura Mclean and have had a walk to burn off the pancakes and milkshakes we consumed at the Tick Tock diner earlier on. Our hotel is querky and clean, just how we like it! Paul Moss (sent by mobile

two in the box ready to go we be fast and they be slow

Just landed at Newark airport. Saw Libby as we landed. we're back! Paul Moss (sent by mobile

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


This Sunday, Paul & Sue return to Manhattan

Anybody seen a ghost????