Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Magic Bus

As we head back to the tour bus we pass a hot dog seller praying to
Mecca. May the gods be with us on our tour around Brooklyn.
We see some mouthwatering brownstone houses in NYC's largest borough &
get a chance to stop & take pictures of the Manhatten skyline &
Brooklyn Bridge.
We then get dropped off so we can experiance one of the cities most
amazing free oportunities. We approach the Brooklyn Bridge on foot, an
airdrumming cyclist goes past us, we know this is going to be good.
The view is sweeter than the chocolates waiting for me on my pillow.
This is a must do for any visitor to Manhattan.
After a brief stop in Starbucks Public Lavatory, we get a decent cup
of coffee elsewhere & get back on the tour bus.
Gone is Mr Larconic singing "you spin me right round" and we now have
a tour guide who gives us some useful information even if he can't say
the word liberty properly.
It's a crime to run out of fuel in New York, although if you say the
fuel gauge is out of order, the judge will let you off.
The tour bus company no longer stop at Bell View Mental Hospital as
naked patients kept getting on without paying. (I guess if they pulled
out money to pay the fare it might be a bit messy.)
Cops are New York's Fairest, Firefighters are New York's Bravest &
Sanitation are New York's Strongest. (I guess that means Ambulance
workers are New York's forgotten)

We get back to Central Park & drop our bags off and head out for the
night tour and Little Italy.

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