Friday, 25 September 2009

John - Brooklyn Tour Bus Hero

The Turnback Fairy Strikes Again!

Sue wants to go on another night bus tour, it's always a different
experiance with each tour guide so I heartily agree.
We head down to Time Square to catch the Grey Line tour bus, this time
we have John to guide us through Manhattan & Brooklyn. John is a
Brooklyn guy and has fantastic passionate style that we love. Down in
Battery Park, the Chinese couple in front of us have negotiated
getting off the tour bus. "you two Asians, you can get off here" says
John. Just round the corner he spots a Jewish guy "hey you, shallom!"
We get a first class tour of Brooklyn, Al Capone was born here before
he moved to Chicargo. The scales of justice are ballanced by the
borough's Judge Judy.
We head back over Manhattan bridge & make our way up the East Side. We
come to a halt as Cops have closed of a road for reasons unknown.
"Hey," shouts John to them, "have you finally caught Cadaffi?" At this
point two Libians on the bus take offense & start shouting "you are
racist" at John. They all go down to the lower deck of the bus & John,
still on the microphone offers them out for a fight. For some insane
reason, the driver won't let the Libians off the bus & for the last
part of the tour we are entertained by the stand off until they are
freed by the Empire State Building. John then turns on the bus driver
and tells everyone not to leave tips as he refuses to split any money
with him. As I leave the bus I thank John for the finest Bus Tour I've
ever been on & hopefully by now he is my friend on facebook.

For the real foodies the place to eat in Manhattan is Hell's Kitchen,
we find a great place on 9th avenue & enjoy the best food we've ever
had this side of the Atlantic. Yet again, Sue spots a couple heading
into the rest room together.

Back at our hotel, someone's been at the red apples......

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