Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Quick Guide to Manhatten Cusine

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Eating in New York City is so much more than steak & pizza. I'm not a
fan of cooking shows (my fantasy is to go on Masterchef & cook
Shepherds Pie followed by Angel Delight with Dream Topping), so I have
no idea what Jamie was showing on his recent program.
Disco Fries are a definate must try here. Thick cut chips covered in
American cheese & gravy. This is the future of post drinking food.
A great day starts with a good meal, eat like a Pourper for tea, a
Prince for lunch & a New York Cop for breakfast. My morning choice is
usually eggs over easy, on pancakes with maple syrup.
I've just had a grilled cheese sandwich & Oreo Cookie Shake for lunch,
I now know what a wall feels like after being filled with cavity
Time to head back to Don's for a short rest before the gig tonight.

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