Thursday, 24 September 2009

May the farce be with you.

Beyonce's house, next door.

There is a scene in Star Wars, just before Luke finds his Aunt & Uncle
burnt to death, where he jumps into the landspeeder and rushes over
the sand dunes. That would pretty much sum up our cab ride from
Kenny's to the hotel last night. I walk into the lobby preparing to do
my Jedi mind trick "These are not the drunks you are looking for" when
I get a round of "Who yer gonna call? Ghostbusters!" from the staff.
The power of my tee shirts.

This morning I get to finally use the phrase cavlecade ( even though I
can't spell it ) on our way to The Brooklyn Diner. Today's booth is
Natalie Portman. I feel it's time to bow our heads for a two minute

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