Friday, 25 September 2009


Out the back of the bing, gonna whack me a cockroach.

Okay, let's get you into a good cheap diner, no flash stuff. It's the
Cosmic diner on 8th, winner of the Medway Bass Players Association
good value award. Coffee, juice, pancakes & eggs / sausages for $23
Inc. service & tax.

Some of you may have already guessed we have been on The Sopranos
tour. We head out to New Jersey & visit locations from the series. We
finish up at the Bing (now called Satin Dolls) and enjoy drinks &
poledancing. For the confused, we did the drinking; the girls on the
poles don't let non-union in their workplace.
Earlier we visited the Diner featured at the end of the final episode,
we munched our free onion rings & I took Sue's picture in Tony
Soprano's seat. I don't want to give the end away but

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