Saturday, 26 September 2009

I Think We'll Take It

Bill Murray pictured in this South American Resturant on West
Broadway, we are closing in on the man!

This morning we head down to City Hall to rap with the Major, then
take a walk to Pier 17 to catch "The Shark" speedboat. Sue gets soaked
on the Hudson but it is still one of those moments that I wish I could
Back on dry land I get some new sneakers and we share a milkshake in
my happy place.
We take a walk past the World Trade Centre site, WTC 7 is now
finished, the first of the 11 buildings destroyed to be replaced.
Wandering into Tribeca we pass the Tribeca Grill, Robby D keeps
pestering us to come in but I'm not hungry. After the annual
pilgrimage to 88 Hook & Ladder Firehouse we get the Metro back home.
The subway is "thee" way to travel here in NYC. If only my iPhone
spelling was as efficiant as this.....

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