Sunday, 27 September 2009

Manhattan Transfer

One of the many party buses that roam the streets at night. This one was Columbian, I dance in sympathy on the sidewalk & they go bananas. 
They also come in Brazilian & Ibiza flavours.

Just before we head out, Sue watches an advert for sleeping tablets, one of the side affects being :- more outgoing than usual. We stop at Duane Reade Pharmacy to get some for Gordon Brown. 

It's Hells Kitchen for dinner, we find Don Giovanni's and what a find it is. The spinach & polenta starter is the most amazing thing I've ever eaten, with the exception of my record eating 9 Creme Eggs at one lunch break. 
After Martinis it's over to the Rockefeller Centre and go to the "Top Of The Rock" for the finest night time view of Manhattan $23 can buy.
Today is the first that we've needed jackets over our amusing tee-shirts and we finally hit some rain. We see out first accident as a woman decides to reverse, for no apparent reason, into the front of a taxi behind. Eveyone, including passengers gets out and walks around each car with hands on their hips. Fearing a dance off of West Side Story preportions we make a dash for Kennedy's Bar and get paddling up Knob Creek. 

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