Sunday, 27 September 2009

New York City What A Town

Woke up & took a walk in Central Park, lots of no-fun running in the
rain, I'm getting dizzy, time to go home and pack the trunks. It's our
final day here in the Big Apple & we intend to not waste a second.
Brunch at the Brooklyn diner, our final booth is Britney Spears, Henry
Winkler & some guy called Silkk the Shocker, I guess he doesn't tip
We make our way down Fith Ave. it's still raining & that means the
universal menace of umbrellas. If I walked down the street with 8
metal spikes on a handle I'd be arrested for carrying an offensive
weapon but put some waterproof material on it & hey presto! Assholes.
We fit in some Ghostbuster locations, retail opportunities & more
eating & round it all off with a romantic carridge ride Central Park.
Then it's home to tip the guys one last time and head off in our
yellow cab to JFK.

I hate this bit, truly. It breaks my heart to leave.
More pics & stuff in the next few days, till then, who yer gonna call?

He pulls the ride, I make the deals

Just been on a horse & carridge around Central Park

Egon, I'm gonna take back some of the things I said about you

You, you've earned it.


Did you see it?

"We'll get back to yer!"

Manhattan Transfer

One of the many party buses that roam the streets at night. This one was Columbian, I dance in sympathy on the sidewalk & they go bananas. 
They also come in Brazilian & Ibiza flavours.

Just before we head out, Sue watches an advert for sleeping tablets, one of the side affects being :- more outgoing than usual. We stop at Duane Reade Pharmacy to get some for Gordon Brown. 

It's Hells Kitchen for dinner, we find Don Giovanni's and what a find it is. The spinach & polenta starter is the most amazing thing I've ever eaten, with the exception of my record eating 9 Creme Eggs at one lunch break. 
After Martinis it's over to the Rockefeller Centre and go to the "Top Of The Rock" for the finest night time view of Manhattan $23 can buy.
Today is the first that we've needed jackets over our amusing tee-shirts and we finally hit some rain. We see out first accident as a woman decides to reverse, for no apparent reason, into the front of a taxi behind. Eveyone, including passengers gets out and walks around each car with hands on their hips. Fearing a dance off of West Side Story preportions we make a dash for Kennedy's Bar and get paddling up Knob Creek. 

Saturday, 26 September 2009

I Think We'll Take It

Bill Murray pictured in this South American Resturant on West
Broadway, we are closing in on the man!

This morning we head down to City Hall to rap with the Major, then
take a walk to Pier 17 to catch "The Shark" speedboat. Sue gets soaked
on the Hudson but it is still one of those moments that I wish I could
Back on dry land I get some new sneakers and we share a milkshake in
my happy place.
We take a walk past the World Trade Centre site, WTC 7 is now
finished, the first of the 11 buildings destroyed to be replaced.
Wandering into Tribeca we pass the Tribeca Grill, Robby D keeps
pestering us to come in but I'm not hungry. After the annual
pilgrimage to 88 Hook & Ladder Firehouse we get the Metro back home.
The subway is "thee" way to travel here in NYC. If only my iPhone
spelling was as efficiant as this.....

It's a sign alright, going out of business

Ghostbusters HQ

When the containment field is shut down, there is a scene showing an
explosion through the roof of the firehouse. The eagle eyed will spot
an advert for Stay Puft Marshmallows featuring Mr Stay Puft. He
obviously turns up at the end but full points for any one who knows
the other place where you see him pop up.

Ride The Shark

We've just been on the Shark, a speedboat that goes out of the East
River, up the Hudson & out to Lady Liberty

"she's okay, she's a harbor chick"

What do you want from me

Let's run some red lights!

You're Scaring the straights

Watching Ghostbusters 2, enjoying the superb measures.

Where were we last night? Oh yeah, downtown Eastside, in Manhattan's
Bong & Tattoo hotspot, St Marks Place. Saw our first Penny Farthing
scooter and you! Yeah you, the guy who said you where dressed as a
bong, you look like a Mr Staypuft stool.

We eat at a buzzing dark place called Orlin's then we weave our way
back to Bleeker St. Sue haggles for a red wig while I do my bit for
the homeless by killing them off with cigarettes.

Get a text from Chris Harvey, letting me know he's off to see the
Ghostbusters 2 screening in Canterbury. Well wad yer knaw! They are
showing it in Kennys. Hoist up a stool me hearties, enjoy a drink with
more than able measures poured by Irish Shane.

Friday, 25 September 2009

NYC - We're loving it.

You use an Ampeg rig!!!

After we leave our tour coach we head up to 48th street and pay a
visit to Larry Hartke, head man for Hartke Amplification (One of my
amps is a 120 watt Hartke Combo.) We chat & wrestle for a while.

John from Brooklyn told us not to visit Mcdonalds except for the one
on 42nd St. This coincides with a challenge from my son to buy a
meatless Big Mac. 20 years ago 42nd street was the place to pick up a
prostitute until Mayor G stepped in. Now it's a haven for fast food &
gifts. I don't see why they're mutually exclusive but hey....

We then spend some time in our favourite store Macys. I stock up on
Boxer shorts & Sue gets her annual Macys tee shirt.

A big thank you to everyone who has sent us messages in the various
webby mediums. Love Ya All!


Out the back of the bing, gonna whack me a cockroach.

Okay, let's get you into a good cheap diner, no flash stuff. It's the
Cosmic diner on 8th, winner of the Medway Bass Players Association
good value award. Coffee, juice, pancakes & eggs / sausages for $23
Inc. service & tax.

Some of you may have already guessed we have been on The Sopranos
tour. We head out to New Jersey & visit locations from the series. We
finish up at the Bing (now called Satin Dolls) and enjoy drinks &
poledancing. For the confused, we did the drinking; the girls on the
poles don't let non-union in their workplace.
Earlier we visited the Diner featured at the end of the final episode,
we munched our free onion rings & I took Sue's picture in Tony
Soprano's seat. I don't want to give the end away but

A Meatless Big Mac

Mission accomplished Harrison

I meet Larry Hartke

Tony Soprano's last seat

Sue sitting in the seat James Gandolfini filmed that last scene in.

Bumped into Vito

John - Brooklyn Tour Bus Hero

The Turnback Fairy Strikes Again!

Sue wants to go on another night bus tour, it's always a different
experiance with each tour guide so I heartily agree.
We head down to Time Square to catch the Grey Line tour bus, this time
we have John to guide us through Manhattan & Brooklyn. John is a
Brooklyn guy and has fantastic passionate style that we love. Down in
Battery Park, the Chinese couple in front of us have negotiated
getting off the tour bus. "you two Asians, you can get off here" says
John. Just round the corner he spots a Jewish guy "hey you, shallom!"
We get a first class tour of Brooklyn, Al Capone was born here before
he moved to Chicargo. The scales of justice are ballanced by the
borough's Judge Judy.
We head back over Manhattan bridge & make our way up the East Side. We
come to a halt as Cops have closed of a road for reasons unknown.
"Hey," shouts John to them, "have you finally caught Cadaffi?" At this
point two Libians on the bus take offense & start shouting "you are
racist" at John. They all go down to the lower deck of the bus & John,
still on the microphone offers them out for a fight. For some insane
reason, the driver won't let the Libians off the bus & for the last
part of the tour we are entertained by the stand off until they are
freed by the Empire State Building. John then turns on the bus driver
and tells everyone not to leave tips as he refuses to split any money
with him. As I leave the bus I thank John for the finest Bus Tour I've
ever been on & hopefully by now he is my friend on facebook.

For the real foodies the place to eat in Manhattan is Hell's Kitchen,
we find a great place on 9th avenue & enjoy the best food we've ever
had this side of the Atlantic. Yet again, Sue spots a couple heading
into the rest room together.

Back at our hotel, someone's been at the red apples......

Thursday, 24 September 2009

High & Dry in Manhattan

This morning, as every morning, we wait on our floor for the lift
gazing at the giant green apples in a bowl on a table. I guess one day
we might pluck up the courage to take one out on our travels.
After breakfast we go on the uptown loop of our bus tour, past the
Dakota Building & Strawberry Fields, past the Grant Memorial (which is
the quietest tourist attraction in Manhattan, the one security guard
there had rigor mortis) up to Harlem. There we see the legendary
Apollo Theatre, Ray Charles & James Brown among the names who have
performed here. We finish our tour in Central Park East & I drink some
un-Ginger ale to cool down.
I'm not sure what the collective noun is for diplomatic vehicles so
for now I'll refer to them as an Immunity.

We make our way to the Roosevelt Island Tram and I enjoy stunning
views from a cable car. Not so comfortable with heights, Sue sits next
to someone who subjects her too a loud & smelly fart. There is not a
lot on Roosevelt Island apart from people with missing limbs, so after
a short photo oportunity we head back. It doesn't cost us a thing as
it's included on our 7 day Metro Card.
On our way back we pass the Sheridan Hotel which seems like the centre
of the mass immunity disturbance. Lots of Cops & onlookers all focused
on the hotel lobby, out walks a female African dignitory who looks
like she's been dressed by 5 paintball teams. Everyone is waiting to
see Bill Clinton, if we had a giant plastic Groucho Marx cigar we
would have too. The King is truly in the altogether.
Back at Columbus Circle, the Bike Rental hotspot of Manhattan, a
pavement Psychic shouts at a couple who aren't interested in her
services. Surely she knew they were going to walk past?
Outside our hotel we see someone who looks a dead ringer for Derek
Smalls, bass player for Spinal Tap. I'm so glad we didn't stick around
for the ex-president.
In the hotel lift we meet a woman who has forgotten which floor she is
staying on. "it's the one with green apples" We tell her to get off on
our floor only to find the bowl now has red apples. Her search
continues. Back in our room Sue remarks "you get a better class of
looney here."

God Bless Free Wifi in the Apple Store

All Saints Gold

Aparently this means something to Rom Com fans

May the farce be with you.

Beyonce's house, next door.

There is a scene in Star Wars, just before Luke finds his Aunt & Uncle
burnt to death, where he jumps into the landspeeder and rushes over
the sand dunes. That would pretty much sum up our cab ride from
Kenny's to the hotel last night. I walk into the lobby preparing to do
my Jedi mind trick "These are not the drunks you are looking for" when
I get a round of "Who yer gonna call? Ghostbusters!" from the staff.
The power of my tee shirts.

This morning I get to finally use the phrase cavlecade ( even though I
can't spell it ) on our way to The Brooklyn Diner. Today's booth is
Natalie Portman. I feel it's time to bow our heads for a two minute

The Flowers Are Still Standing

Kenny's Castaways. Bleeker St.

We wander down Broadway, there has been an accident at Columbus
Circle, "the whole city has gone freakin mad" says a fire fighter. He
has a point.
We ride on the night bus tour, by chance we end up with the same tour
guide and desperatly try not to giggle as he talks about Lady Liverby.
Manhattan at night is truly amazing from Brooklyn. We leave the bus at
the Empire State Building and head downtown to Little Italy for a
romantic meal. Even the woman knitting at Layerfette Metro station
doesn't kill the atmos. Then we head to Kenny's on Bleeker Street to
check out The Lovedays IPO appearence. Sue spots a pink spandex man on
a unicycle who gets thrown out. Make great friends with the barman.
This is going to be a monumental gig.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Maybe The Dead Have Been Rising From The Grave

Just before Peck shuts off the containment grid, Ecto 1 goes over
this , The Manhattan Bridge.

Magic Bus

As we head back to the tour bus we pass a hot dog seller praying to
Mecca. May the gods be with us on our tour around Brooklyn.
We see some mouthwatering brownstone houses in NYC's largest borough &
get a chance to stop & take pictures of the Manhatten skyline &
Brooklyn Bridge.
We then get dropped off so we can experiance one of the cities most
amazing free oportunities. We approach the Brooklyn Bridge on foot, an
airdrumming cyclist goes past us, we know this is going to be good.
The view is sweeter than the chocolates waiting for me on my pillow.
This is a must do for any visitor to Manhattan.
After a brief stop in Starbucks Public Lavatory, we get a decent cup
of coffee elsewhere & get back on the tour bus.
Gone is Mr Larconic singing "you spin me right round" and we now have
a tour guide who gives us some useful information even if he can't say
the word liberty properly.
It's a crime to run out of fuel in New York, although if you say the
fuel gauge is out of order, the judge will let you off.
The tour bus company no longer stop at Bell View Mental Hospital as
naked patients kept getting on without paying. (I guess if they pulled
out money to pay the fare it might be a bit messy.)
Cops are New York's Fairest, Firefighters are New York's Bravest &
Sanitation are New York's Strongest. (I guess that means Ambulance
workers are New York's forgotten)

We get back to Central Park & drop our bags off and head out for the
night tour and Little Italy.

We Are Kings

Back to the Brooklyn Diner this morning, past a hobo who had "need
money for weed" on his home made board. This mornings booth was Gene
Hackman & Suzie caught a couple having sex in the restroom. Another
ordinary day in NYC.
We are on the Bus tour at the moment. If you ever wondered what
happened to the comidian Steven Wright, he's working as a tour guide
on our bus. We spot the Avenue of the Strongest & Victims Of Aids
Plaza, then get of at Pier 17 to visit my happy place. With a
milkshake in hand I look left at the Brooklyn Bridge, right it's the
Statue of Liberty. It is truly a golden age.

Venkman, shorten your stream

Hey, spot the crap seats!

The superb Beacon Theatre is where out story continues. The Plain
White T's do a good opening set. Some clever melodies, particularly on
their slower stuff.
Then it's Snow Patrol, I'm here to exorcise some personal demons
regarding Chasing Cars. It's a powerful set that goes down a storm &
blows my Creepy issues away.
After an encore & standing ovation it's bar time.
O'Neals sounds like the standard Irish Bar, this one however is not.
It's a bit posh, or so we thought. I have to do a ten minute mime
trying to explain to the waitor what a Jim Beam & Coke is. Sitting
beside us is a sweet little Jewish lady who is moaning about her
Husband, John. "you know why I've never seen any cockroaches at home"
she begins "because they can't stand him either" She then launches
into a rage about the local Arts, using a palate of language mixed by
Gorden Ramsey, lovingly blended with the C word.
O'Neals had been crowned our local.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

I think we're gonna have to put a little overtime in on this one

Ok Ghostheads,
Here's what you've been waiting for.

Spook Central on Central Park West.
The roads still a little cut up since Gozer put some moves on the
Ghostbusters 25 years ago.

Quick Guide to Manhatten Cusine

Shop Early For Christmas 2011

Eating in New York City is so much more than steak & pizza. I'm not a
fan of cooking shows (my fantasy is to go on Masterchef & cook
Shepherds Pie followed by Angel Delight with Dream Topping), so I have
no idea what Jamie was showing on his recent program.
Disco Fries are a definate must try here. Thick cut chips covered in
American cheese & gravy. This is the future of post drinking food.
A great day starts with a good meal, eat like a Pourper for tea, a
Prince for lunch & a New York Cop for breakfast. My morning choice is
usually eggs over easy, on pancakes with maple syrup.
I've just had a grilled cheese sandwich & Oreo Cookie Shake for lunch,
I now know what a wall feels like after being filled with cavity
Time to head back to Don's for a short rest before the gig tonight.

Chasing Jaco

Check out the sign under the Late Show "welcome foreigners"
In your face Guardian Readers.

After 3 hours in ER we head down to Music Row to gaze at Jaco
Pastorius' Hartke Bass Cabinet. Go & ask your Jazz loving uncle

We then pop over to see our friend Matt and get some Snow Patrol
tickets for tonight.

Time for shakes, disco fries and grilled cheese.

Are you, Alice, Menstruating At The Moment?

This morning I ventured out for a brief walk and found the School of
Ethical Culture. This weeks talk is on Vampirism & 3 steps to avoid
it. This is the sort of school I should have sent my son too!
In Central Park I spot twins running, both guys dressed the same, same
haircut & same iPods. I thought it would be rude to ask if they were
listening to the same songs.
The plan for this holiday was to do something new everyday.
Today's new experience is at The Roosevelt Hospital Emergency
Department so Sue can have her stiches out. They call them sutchies
here; for all of us who don't watch American medical dramas.
The patient to staff ratio is completly different to home, no long
queues of injured waiting for half a nurse to sort them out. Here
there are virtually no patients and staff galore. All of whom seem to
have but one job, to ask you what your name is. We have been here
nearly two hours and Sue still has her stiches in, but eveyone knows
her name.

Monday, 21 September 2009

It's 6th Avenue, We Zip In Zip Out

Ended up at the Jeckle & Hyde Club on 6th Ave. Suzie was drinking
Dracurina Cocktails, I had The Transformation. (that's a drink not a
gender operation, I hope)

Happy Birthday Bill Murray

Spirits Up In The Village

Good Afternoon Artisans,
pay attention at the back.
We are now in Bleeker Street. Named after the unsuccesful boy band of
the early 90's, it is a haven for paint heads, beat poets & uber
We started at one of our regular haunts The Jeckle & Hyde Bar & are
slowly drinking our way East.

Stop Press- $1 a beer in Wicked Willies

Opening on Broadway

After last nights nail biter against the cowboys (which despite some
fumbling from Manning the Giants won) we decide on an easy morning &
stroll down Broadway to the Stardust Diner. The wait staff all sing
songs as we eat, I help out on Mamma Mia. Don't I get any time off!
The President is in town for the David Letterman Show & it looks like
annual leave has been cancelled by the NYPD. Cop-a-Rama here in NYC.
We've had a wander around our local shops here in Columbus Circle
until the warm weather got the better of us. Time for refreshment.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

San Gennaro

After a meal in Chinatown it's back to Mulberry St. to see the last of
the Italian / American festivities. Enjoyed Dunk a clown, with the
wonderful politically incorrect Joey the Clown.
Then it's over to our local bar to take in the day & watch Giants v

Freakin Sweet

It's been a full first day.
Starting breakfast at the Brooklyn Diner. The names of people who have
eaten there are on brass plaques in each booth. Ours had Spike Lee &
Justin Timberlake on it.
We purchased our 7 day metro cards ($27 each) and headed out to Coney
Island with the help of the obligatory train looney who warbled in
Romanian from one stop to another.
We arrived at a sunny Coney Island and watched "Shoot The Freak". This
involves using a paintball gun on some poor student.
After a ride on the slightly dissapointing "Spook-A-Rama" we headed
over to the superb "Freak Side Show" featuring sword swallowers,
escape artists, man with scorpian hands & feet, Serpentina (girl with
snake) & a man who hammered nails into his face. Great for all the
We then headed home to Manhattan and spent some time in Little Italy
for San Gennaro celibrations. I ate a deep fried Twinkie.
We are now in a bar enjoying happy hour.


Woke up this morning to blue skies & 75 degrees.
Walk out of the hotel & Central Park is over the road, we are just a
few blocks away from Dana Barretts apartment, Spook Central.
Last night we took a walk down 8th Ave & had the traditional NYC 1st
Meal & the Tick Tock Diner. Walked up to Time Square & Sue bumped into
someone she knew. Be it Glastonbury, be it the busiest city in the
world two things are constant:- The speed of light & Suzie bumping
into old freinds. We end up at an Irish Bar & I end up sounding like
an expert on American Football.
Bring on the madness . . . .

Saturday, 19 September 2009

We have arrived in New York City

After a wonderful flight spent being plied with food & drink we made
our way from JFK to Manhattan, driven by a cab driver who was
obviously a fan of Lewis Hamilton. Weaving through the famous Big
Apple traffic like a wicket basket maker on speed, we arrived at our
hotel on Central Park West. The Trump Towers is a wonderful hotel,
worth every penny if only for the curtains that work by remote
control. It has been a very long day having only a couple of hours
sleep last night. Time to gather our spirits before we head out.

The Eagle Has Landed

We have arrived at JFK

We're on our way

Suzie is coming to terms with the fact we are flying premium. We are
both very excited to be on our way to the big apple.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

This Year We Will Use...

We eat Gods for breakfast!

Hey, dust off the proton packs, Paul & Sue are back in NYC
Starts this Saturday 19th September

Dr. Raymond Stantz: We eat gods for breakfast?
Dr. Egon Spengler: Too much you think?