Saturday, 8 September 2007

where do these stairs go? They go up

After camera stops for the Public Library and Grand Central Station, we head for the Rockefeller Centre past a sandwich board man advertising a mens hairdresing salon. While not quite as tall as the Empire State, it has a better view of Central Park and of course the Empire State itself. For lunch it's Lindy's Diner which specialises in triple decker sandwiches named after famous celebs. I had an omelette, while Sue tucked into a Britney Spears. Some more Ghostbuster locations followed, and then it was a brief visit to the Dakota Building followed by some reflection in Strawberry Fields, part of Central Park dedicated to John Lennon. For the evening we headed for West Village and find Jeckyll & Hyde, bar restaurant. Lit by candles and decorated like a 1930's horror movie, I've finally found my home. I get fed vodka through a syringe, it doesn't get any better than this. We eventually escape the clutches of Castle Cholestral and find a comedy club, it's a bit hit and miss at first, Sue got the biggest laugh during the first comedians set, but as we get drunker, they get funnier. We end up at a blues and funk club called The Groove, saw a fantastic band, had loads to drink and we both made some new friends. At 2am it's time to grab a cab. "the kids love us"

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