Sunday, 9 September 2007

C'mon, let's run some red lights!

Last nights thunder came to nothing and we wake up to another sweltering day in the city, even the homeless woman with bags full of empty cans had a crop top on. My quest for amusing shop names continues, today it was a chinese restaurant called Wok & Roll. After a brief visit to the Manhatten shopping mall we return to our local store Macy's, any shop that has a floor called 1 and a half is cool by us. After droping off our bags at the hotel and a shake at the Tick Tock, we get a cab uptown to Columbia Uni for another Ghostbuster location. Then it's back to Time sq for a beer and to watch a re-run of the Italian Grand Prixi and some more great gift shops and the M&M store. When I go to a restaurant, use the restroom and the lights dim when I use the hand blower, I know it's going to be great food. Bella Napoli did nothing to change my opinion on this and we enjoyed what must be the biggest pizza I've ever seen, when it came to the table it had olives in orbit. It was back up the Rockefeller Centre to see New York at night and then on to Central Park for a romantic horse and hansome ride. To finish the night we walked down 7th Ave and found an Irish bar as Irish as key lime pie and watched New York Giants get wopped by the Dallas Cowboys. My purchase of the day has to be a Bada Bing t shirt. Time to go back to our hotel one more time before we enjoy our last day in this amazing city.

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