Sunday, 2 September 2007

New York City - Cleaning Up The Town

The plan was simple, go to America on Concord.

It was made by myself and my Grandmother about 25 years ago. Like the amazing aircraft, she is no longer with us but for me it's better late than never.

This will be my first trip outside of Europe (I think we can discount astral projection at this point but hang onto that thought, I'll be asking questions later) and the first time Sue and I are having a holiday on our own.

The film Ghostbusters was made in 1984, I saw it 7 times at the cinema and one of our missions, should we accept it is to find the New York filming locations for this film - oh along with some sight seeing thrown in, just for jolly.

I'm busy practicing my "toff" English accent and plan to put this to good use over the next week.

Today we are going up to Heathrow for an overnight stay in a hotel and then we fly off at around 11 on Monday.

Just need to get the packing done and make sure we are free of sharp objects & liquids.


Paul & Sue

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