Friday, 7 September 2007

this chick is toast

Up with the sand blasting shower to get the 8.30 ferry to Liberty Island. On board we have very salty pretzels for breakfast and manage to spill our coffee's, by the boat rocking as if we are about to take the great white whale. More security, belts off again and through a machine that puffs air at you to check for explosive particles. Liberty's original torch is now under the main statue, the thinking is if someone wants to pinch it they have to remove all the concrete flooring, the same way it came in. Great gift shop, selling Liberty hand torches and my personal favourite, Monumints. After a basket of crinkle fries we head off to Ellis Island and catch a 25 minute play with all the production values of a Blue Peter panto. Back on dry land we visit the National Museum of the American Indian and I spend a small fortune in books. We pass Wall St. and linger around Ground Zero. Our last stop of the afternoon is the site for the Ghostbusters HQ. The usual crew were out at a fire downtown, but the Crew there from Queens gave us a tour inside the station. We are exhausted and go back to our hotel for a quiet evening and to give our feet a well deserved rest. It's been really warm here and at last we feel we can enjoy the summer, just a shame we had to travel 3 and a half thousand miles to find it.

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