Tuesday, 4 September 2007

we are ready to believe you

I really feel like I'm in the movie version of my life at the moment. We took a yellow cab to our hotel, driven by a guy who has the same capacity for english that Charles Kennedy has for a soft drink. We are staying at the New Yorker Hotel, on the corner of 8th Ave and 34th St. We have a fabulous view of the Hudson and Soprano's country, New Jersey. Just around the corner from here is The Empire State Building, that's when I realise I'm not in movie, in that version I'm stuck on a giant peach, impaled on the buildings spike. Macy's is also just round the corner, the basement restaurant looks like an English Tea Room and had Spurs v Fulham on TV. We opted out of tea and scones and had burger, fries and beer. We took a short walk to Time Sq and found American Gold- malts. These are like the Rolls Royce of milk shakes and are hard to find in the uk. We wobbled back to the hotel, saw some real NY cops, nearly got run over by a cab and saw three guys arguing over a 10 dollar bill which was lying on the floor. All of this paled though to the guy who came into the Restroom (that's a public toilet in English) on his mobile and kept on taking whist taking a dump. I can only hope he was taking to his girlfriend and not his Mum. After being awake since 1am local time, we start flagging around 9 and head to bed. It's just starting to sink in we are in New York City.
Ps. We are not sure if this has been on the news in the uk, but a small explosive device went off a few blocks away. No one was injured and Police have ruled out terror etc.

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