Wednesday, 5 September 2007

type something will you, we're paying you for this stuff

I knew it was going to be a great day, Outside the hotel this morning I saw a big American tanker. These are almost as hard to find in Manhatten as petrol stations (there are only five of these here). The shower in our bathroom is the sort usually mounted on armoured vehicles to disperse protestors, bettered only by the sink where the water runs out of the overflow. We then head next door to the Tick Tock diner for a pancake fest. Sue ops for the Tropical Health Shake, I go for the Route 66 malt, though neither of us have the nerve or stomach capacity to tackle the Elvis peanut butter milk shake, maybe tomorrow. Then we pop to the 24 hour pharmacy for essentials, will it be the Redman Chewing Tobacco or the Al Capone sweets, so many choices in the Big Apple. An easy decision is to take a bus tour of the city, we stop off at Pier 17 for some shots of the Brooklyn Bridge and some refreshment. After coffee and donuts we find a shop that sells all kinds of off beat stuff; a Leonardo Di Vinci doll fridge magnet, which Sue points out strangley has both ears. I love the Axis Of Evil finger puppets featuring George Bush and Dick Cheyne but eventually by the Edgar Allen Poe action figure, it's not often you get your favourite author in poseable form. We then have a tour of Brooklyn and get to see our first glimpse of The Statue Of Liberty before returning to the downtown Manhatten tour, after which it was a breath taking view from The Empire State Building. After a few drinks in Foley's bar we threw caution to the wind and headed for the Metro Underground System. It's a great deal more confusing than our own and even the NYPD cops on the station didn't seem to know how the subway map worked. With some luck we navigated to Little Italy for a slap up meal with what represents the last of the petty cash. One thing we realised in the restaurant, is that American Radio is awful and we have had to listen to Coming In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins 3 times since we arrived yesterday. Deciding not to play getting back to the hotel roulette, which is the Metro, cabing was a better option all round. We are now going to bed after a long but incredible day, one in which I bought a baseball which was then confiscated by the Empire State Security and so now am drowning my sorrows with a can of Tab whilst furiously writing this up on my mobile. Here's to another great day in NYC. Paul, Tuesday 4th 2007 .

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