Monday, 3 September 2007

see you on the other side Ray

Excitement level:- Christmas Eve to the power of 75. We had a great hotel room last night, after the excitement of finding a copy of the Book of the Mormon in the bedside cabinet, we realised you could see planes landing from our window. I rounded up everyone on our floor and suggested we held up score cards at our windows for the best landing, we just couldn't agree on which system to use, everyone else wanted 1 to 10 and I wanted the Skating type, 5.9 thing. Arriving at our airport parking I wasn't sure whether to park the car or dump a sofa. Being greeted by a polish Basil Fawlty made me wish I was doing the latter. We took a last loving look at our car and piled into the back of a transit van, bad suspension, grinding brakes and a driver with no concept of braking distances didn't dampen our spirits and we are now checked in and heading for departures. We didn't manage our bubbly, so who ever manages to count all the Ghostbuster references in the blog (some are quite subtle, be warned!) you will be awarded this prize. Here we go now!

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