Thursday, 6 September 2007

look at all the junk food

After hand to hand combat with the shower, we realised there was a huge cut in cabs on the street. They went on strike this morning over gps and credit card machines becoming compulsory. So we walked to Time Sq. to find our tour bus, past the place where the explosive went off and the $ fight was taking place two nights ago, this time there was a "discussion" between a guy and a builder going on. We've decided there must be a conversion of bad vibe lay lines under the sidewalk here. Todays tour was uptown and Harlem. Our various tour guides up to this point have been very lightweight and fun, today however we have a cross between Jackie Mason and a drill sgt. None the less we have a very informative tour and see The Apollo Theatre and the intelligently named school :PS19 . Still it has a more friendly acronym than Brooklyn's College University New York. After lunch we headed for our trip on The Beast, a speed boat trip on the Hudson Captained by Mad Dog and Big Daddy. This is a must do for anyone visiting the Big Apple, which we both really enjoyed. Most amusing sign of the day goers to a guy in Central Park which says "money wanted for drink so I can get taken home by two women and get molested". After Coffee and Canoli we head up to collect our tickets to see The Arctic Monkeys who are playing in the park tonight.

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