Tuesday, 11 September 2007

We Came, We Saw, We Kicked It's Ass

Whilst I'm not going to miss catching the elevator to bed, it's going to be hard without the magic bed that makes itself every day and the bathroom that grows fresh towels. We go for cocktails in Battery Park, where we can look across the Hudson and see Lady Liberty, this gp also a popular spot for bodies to wash up but it's all clear today. Today's highlight is seeing a shoe shine shop and a female cop with french nail polish. It's a cab ride past the trappese school and the badlands adult video store to pick up our bags and get a car to JFK airport. The driver insists on using his mobile, dialing the number on a business card that's headed with the words 'Accident Victims Hotline', I guess it's always good to call ahead. Despite this, we arrive in good time and get through security. The duty free shops are fantastic, when you've purchased goods they are taken for collection as you board the plane, someday all airports will work like this. We are in our airplane seats by 8.15, the planes battery however is flat, I'm expecting another American Airlines 777 to pull round the front and get the jump leads out. We have missed our slot and another 40 minutes is added to hour 2 hour delay. We are about to run to the front of the plane and threaten to start a sing song. "We have the words to ging gang gooley and we are not afraid to use them". New York isn't everyone's cup of coffee, if you don't like the cut and thrust of city life, you may hate it. The famous logo, I heart N Y, for us has been New York hearts us. I LOVE THIS TOWN!

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